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CIP Privacy Baseline

Privacy Baseline

Dealing with personal data the right way can be a challenge for organizations. What, where, by whom and in which way things must be arranged in order to guarantee privacy in the right way is not always clear to (employees of) organizations. The Privacy Baseline is your guide for processing personal data in a responsible way. The AVR/GDPR unraveled for application. The reference book from the method ‘Grip on Privacy’ that provides organizations with concrete tools to protect personal data.

Privacy risk management

Governmental DPIA's for Microsoft Office and Windows

Because of the data collection and storage of privacy-sensitive data by Microsoft, the Dutch government has published three DPIA reports on Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 ProPlus and Office Online + the mobile apps. Despite the new contract that the government has signed with Microsoft, not all privacy risks have been resolved. The reports are written in English, with an extensive Dutch summary.

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